Community Compost Toilet and Urine Diversion System Using IAPMO WE•Stand © 2018

2015 - Present | ...Rebranding 'waste' as a 'resource'...

Safely reducing the volume of municipal sewage sludge typically sent for processing by sewer avoidance via separation at the source/on-site remediation of humanure using compost toilets with urine diversion AKA humus (top soil factories). This sanitary compost schema uses the 2018 IAPMO WE-Stand Guidance rubric. Ultimately, a rich resource is generated that can be used as a soil amendment to grow food by tiny house stewards managing hyper-intense farming on tax-defaulted, urban lots. ​

Conducted over four years, performance of a humanure batch compost processor, clearly demonstrates that high temperatures were reliably achieved with subsequent pathogen elimination to acceptable levels prior to distribution of high quality humus to the local garden environment. Additionally, urine diversion has also allowed the community to reclaim nitrogen and other nutrients otherwise lost in conventional sewage systems. The system has resulted in large savings of potable water, and significant carbon sequestration.

IMAGE: Courtesy of Nature Commode

6th Int'l Dry Toilet Conference Tampere, Finland | 22-24 Aug 2018

Conference Paper | Coming soon...

Abstract (long version)


Fri, 24 Aug 2018 update - Word from my colleague and co-author on our presentation and paper is it was VERY WELL received, receiving a great deal of attention at this conference! Now, we wait to hear from the IWA Water Science & Technology Journal folks about their accepting our paper for publication.


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